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Kaercher Kaercher MOTOR PROTECTION FILTER for Vacuum Cleaners - 6.414-631.0
Kaercher MOTOR PROTECTION FILTER for Vacuum Cleaners - 6.414-631.0
Brand: Kaercher
by Ultimamac Services Pvt. Ltd.
₹ 4420.34 Exclusive. GST ₹ 5216 Inclusive. GST
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Features Description
  • Weight incl. packaging
    0.2 kg
  • Product suitable for the following Kaercher Models
    BR 45/22 C *JP ,BR 45/22 C Bp Pack *EU ,BR 45/22 C Bp Pack *EU + MF ,BR 45/22 C Bp Pack Fleet *EU ,BR 45/22 C UL ,DS 6 *CH DS 5.800 (127V) *BR DS 5.800 (220V) *BR ,DS 5.800 *AR ,DS 5.800 *EU ,DS 5.800 *EU ,DS 5.800 *GB ,DS 5.800 *MX DS 5.800 *RU ,DS 5.800 CCC *CN ,DS 5.800 Waterfilter *CH ,DS 5200 *EU ,DS 5600 *BR/MX ,DS 5600 *EU ,DS 5600 *RU ,DS 5600 *SEA ,DS 5600 CCC *CN ,DS 5600 mediclean *FR ,DS 5600 mediclean *KAP ,DS 5600 mediclean *RU ,DS 5600 Mediclean + K 55 ,DS 5600 Mediclean + ?????? ??? ????? ,DS 5600 Plus *EU ,DS 5600 Plus *RU ,DS 6 *EU ,DS 6 *EU ,DS 6 *MX ,DS 6 Plus *EU ,DS 6 Premium (white)*EU ,DS 6 Premium Mediclean (white) *RU ,DS 6 Premium Plus (white)*EU ,DS 6.000 *AU ,DS 6.000 *CH ,DS 6.000 *EU ,DS 6.000 *JP ,DS 6.000 + Turbo upholstery tool *UA ,DS 6.000 + WV 2 (white) *UA ,DS 6.000 CCC *CN ,DS 6.000 Mediclean *RU ,DS 6.000 Mediclean *SEA ,DS 6000 *TW ,Inaktiv_DS 5500 *AMWAY *EU ,Inaktiv_DS 5500 -ABG *EU ,Inaktiv_DS 5500 TV *GB
  • Quantity
    1 Stück
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